Past Shows   

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Play It With Flowers. Written by Kathy Walker with valued contribution from Ferooz Afshar and directed by Margaret-Mary Hollins. The play was a parody on Paradise Lost. Lucifer’s successful temptation of Eve not only Adam and Eve from paradise, but as Lucifer crows ‘It’s everybody out’. The flowers of the Garden find themselves banished too. On earth, alone and scared, they come across a ‘wide guy’, a shamrock with all the charm of the Irish!                                                      The play was presented at the Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, where we won the People’s Choice Award. SCENE BY JAMES: Reviewing Short+Sweet Theatre for Theatre Scenes: The Auckland Theatre Blog, wrote, some works “have me sitting up in delight.  Marvellous Theatre Group, a troupe of senior citizens, have been regulars at Short + Sweet and their entries are always anticipated”.

Grand Opening. An improvised piece directed by Yvette Parsons as part of Barbarian Productions ‘Grand Opening,’ performed at the Civic Theatre in January 2018.  Rather than a sit-down show, the audience, in small groups, were led, by ushers, to group and solo performances in various locations backstage. The Marvellous group were cast as ‘divas’, strutting their stuff in a comedy routine on the red carpet. It was great fun and we got a special mention in the Theatre Review of The New Zealand Herald.

Pick of the Crop. Devised and directed by Margaret-Mary Hollins and performed for family and friends in 2017. The show’s theme was based around a flower garden where the individual plants had become spiteful of one another. A bumblebee proclaimed there would be a fashion show and only the best would enter the garden of Eden. Spite, jealousy and avarice brewed amongst the petals, but a ferocious storm changed everything………..

At Five in the Afternoon – based on the writings of acclaimed Federico Garcia Lorca and under Artistic Director Marlon Ortiz. Selected for Short+Sweet Festival 2016. We were awarded The Best Independent Theatre Company Award, for the second year in a row and also Highly Recommended Award judged and presented by Sir James Wallace!

I Am Re(a)d, a dramatised version of an original poem from Marvellous member Angela was performed at NorthArt Gallery in June 2016.  It was very well received by a great attendance on both Saturdays. Thank you Angela for all your hard work, and we look forward to performing this piece again, in the future.

Awake, devised by Marvellous and directed by Yvette Parsons. We took out the Best Independent Theatre Company Award at Short+Sweet Festival 2015.
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The LadyKillers, an ATC production at the Maidment Theatre directed by Colin McColl (2015), Marvellous appeared as the Ladies.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Marvellous was cast by Director Michael Hurst as world-weary fairies in his anarchic Summer Shakespeare production.
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Storm in a Tea Cup, an ensemble piece based on a poem by Marvellous member Angela Reading. Devised and directed by Margaret-Mary Hollins and Tatiana Hotere (2014).

The Ballad of Don Buck, a dramatic presentation of a poem by Marvellous member Mariannne Simpkins.

The Trojan Women, a modern interpretation of Euripides’ tragedy, directed by Bert Van Dijk (2013).

Bowled Over, a comedy about seniors saving their bowling club, directed by Ben Crowder (2013).

7 Wonders, a collaboration with Point Chevalier Primary School pupils, based on personal experiences and imaginings and directed by Ben Crowder (2012).

War Stories, a series of dramatised ‘real life’ tales carved from our childhood memories, directed by Laurel Devenie (2012).

The Waste Land an Auckland Theatre Company community engagement project – a dramatic presentation of T.S. Eliot’epic poem, directed by Michael Hurst (2011).