Rehearsals with Marlon Ortiz

Working with Marlon Ortiz

Devised by Marvellous and directed by Marlon Ortiz, we performed ‘Five in the Afternoon’, inspired by a poem from Federico Garcia Lorca!

 Rehearsing with Marlon Ortiz



Marlon holds a Bachelor in Performing Arts from the Valley University in Colombia. He has worked as a director, writer, actor, tutor and drama therapist for more than 14  years.


Marlon is very interested in the application of drama in children’s education. That’s why he has taught and tutored theatre classes in several institutions in Colombia and now, also in New Zealand. He has also directed numerous performances with children.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2007), Peer Gynt (2008), The Haunting of Hathaway House (2009), and The Wizard of Oz (2004)  amongst others, were adapted and staged with young Colombian actors.

In 2015 Marlon directed the successful production of The Grimm Stories for Hawkins Youth Theatre Company. This was his first play with New Zealand children.

Marlon also lectured at the Valley University where he taught the courses: Drama Pedagogy, Modern Theatre Seminar, Voice Development and Acting II.

Marlon was awarded the first place on the 2009 Colombian National Dramaturgy contest with Agualongo, a play about an indigenous leader during the War of Independence against Spain.

Currently he is working as an improvisation tutor at TAPAC, directing a short play with the Marvellous Theatre Group, tutoring drama classes for adults with learning disabilities at Interacting Theatre and preparing the first production of his theatre company, La Errante Troupe.

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